Just the Two of Us aka Avoiding the UNO

QIC: no-ski
PAX POSTED: no-ski, dba

YHC fresh from his vacation trip to Miami, ready for the beatdown and the Q this AM.

No-see-um made a quick guest appearance to bring in the shovel flag and plant it, but had to cut out for family stuff this AM.

YHC felt a little lonely up to this point and thought it was going to be his first UNO beatdown. Suddenly out of the shadows of the gloom appears the one and only DBA.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEy6MGu3bIA”]shortcode here[/su_youtube]

And the thang went something like this…

About 82 degrees with a slight breeze today.

At BB courts for warm ups.

  • Baby Arm Circles | IC 12 /reverse
  • Air Presses | IC 12
  • SSH | IC 12
  • Imp Walkers | IC 12
  • Frankenstein’s | IC 12
  • Windmills | IC 12
  • Cotton Pickers | IC 12

Mosey to roundabout #1

  • Mountain Climbers | IC 12
  • Freddy Mercury’s | IC 12
  • Hill Billies | IC 12
  • Squat Toe Kicks | IC 12
  • Step ups around the roundabout then in place Curb Jumps | OYO 15 (2 rounds of both)

Mosey to roundabout #2

Wheel of Merkin (count towards the July Merkin Challenge). Merkins with the assistance of the curb.

  • 12 o’clock | IC 10
  • 3 o’clock | IC 10
  • 6 o’clock | IC 10
  • 9 o’clock | IC 10

Mosey back to BB courts for some…

Partner 1 runs a lap around dog park while partner 2 executes the exercises, total of 100 per exercise.

  • B-ig Boy Sit-ups – 100
  • L-unges – 100 per leg
  • I-mperial Walkers – 100
  • M-erkins – 100 (each PAX did 50 of these to count towards July Merkin Challenge)
  • P-lank Jacks – 100
  • S-quats – 100

At this point we were at the 45 minute mark, but YHC suggested that we finish off with additional 20 Merkins to get the 150 total towards the Merkin Challenge.

Total Distance today: 2.08 miles.



  • Quick thanks for safe vacation trip for YHC.
  • We were too tired to think of anything else at this point.


  • Hoping to see everyone this Saturday.
  • We are six days in to the Merkin Challenge and everyone is doing great. Keep pushing yourself!
  • DBA keeps rocking and posting like a mad man! Great job!


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