@bartman on Q today.
Temperature was about 80 degrees this AM here in the gloom at #TheRanch. You could feel the humidity in the air! YHC brought some torture device called: Pushup Wheel. It was used very nicely during the beatdown. 5 PAX showed up on time. Flag was planted and the disclaimer was given.
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Time to start the beatdown…
Warm Up
Cotton Pickers
Wind Mills
Imp Walkers
Arm Circles
Air Presses
The Thang
Set-up 3 Stations (1 @ BB Courts 2 Around Dog Park) – 2 PAX at each station Complete then mosey to next station
Station 1 Round 1 – 25 Irkins, 25 Derkins
Station 2 Round 1 – 20 Squats with LB3, 20 Lunges with LB3
Station 3 Round 1 – 40 Flutters, 10 AB Wheel
Rinse and Repeat
Station 1 Round 2 – 20 Dips on Bench, 20 Hip Slappers
Station 2 Round 2 – 20 Curls with LB3, 20 Presses with LB3
Station 3 Round 2 – 20 Plank Jacks, 20 Shoulder Taps
Rinse and Repeat
2 Minute Plank (PAX felt the burn on this one, longest 2 minutes ever!)
Dying Cockroach x15
Diamond Merkins x 10
Merkins x 30
Box Cutters x 12
LBC x 30
Sweat Angels x 30
Total Distance: .88 miles
Total Merkins Count: 140
  • Asked for prayers for a friend from church going through some major health issues
  • Asked for @dba to get healthier
  • Keep asking for those fartsackers to get out of their funk, we know they are capable of posting!


  • Merkin Challenge is getting ready to wrap up gentlemen! Over 40k in Merkins for the month of July!!!