The “tire” makes its inaugural appearance today. A brand new torture device

QIC: Dwn-Unda
PAX POSTED: No-Ski, Dillio, Bartman, Grouper, Flat Tire, Notorious NYC, Haka, Wasin, Dwn-unda, Castro

10 PAX posted today in #TheRanch (double digit midget).  Had the HIIT whistle blaring, trying to wake up the neighbors… The beat down is as follows:  Side Straddle Hop – Supper Side Straddle Hop – Frankenstein – Arm Circles – Shoulder Taps – Mountain Climbers and Mosey around the dog park/tennis courts, rounded out the warm-up.  FYI there was a Merlot sighting in the grass by the BB courts…

TEAM BATTLE: Buddy Mercans – Buddy Carry

Core Workout:  We did a HITT style training today – :30 sec work – 1 min rest

Tire Flip

Jump Rope

Battle Rope

Ab Roller

Slam Ball

lb3 burpies

Super Side Straddle hop

Touch and Go Sprints

Mountain Climbers


We did 1 1/2  rounds total – Hope everyone enjoyed the fruit shake…


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