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What do you do after an 8 hour drive to Florida? Wake up, Ruck an hour and Guest Q at the local AO to a group of Pax you never met before. It’s all the same everywhere you go right? No exception in Lutz with a solid group of HIM who show up ready to … Read more

Christmas Gifts of Joy

WARMUP: 10 SSH IC 10 Lunges each leg OYO 10 Inch Worms OYO 10 J-Lo OYO 10 Travoltas OYO   6 rounds as fast as possible: 10 SSH, 10 Merkin, 20 LBC   The thang: 3 min of coupon brigade*, 50 merkins, 50 squats, 3 minutes of coupon brigade, 50 Lunges, 50 Shoulder taps. Coupons … Read more

Third F plus 2.0’s Equals a Fun Saturday Beatdown at #TheRanch

Excellent day for a workout with 2.0’s. YHC on Q. 19 PAX in total for today’s beatdown including our 2.0’s of course. Everyone arrived on time and looked to be ready to go. We started our thang on the Field of Pain. Flag was planted, quick disclaimer was given. We went ahead and faced towards … Read more