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damn you, gelato!

Beautiful Morning for @Castro’s sendoff. Some men back from spring break with extra gelato lbs…flag was planted and men went to work. Warmup: Inchworm x 10 OYO 3-way Mountain Climber x 3 OYO 1-Handed Mountain Climber x 10 each hand Pike Press x 15 ( a little debate here on what F3 calls this exercise, … Read more

24 – 42 Celebration

Its 7:30 AM and we started our day without delaying. SSH 15 Baby Arm Circle 10/arm Wind mill 15 Cotton picker 15 Frankestine 15 Mosey to round about for 1st set of BLIMPS Burpee 15 Longes 10 each leg Imperial Walker 15 Merkins 20 Plank Jack 25 Squats 30 Mosey to Sunlake LLR corner for … Read more

6 Little Indians

6 Pax posted in the gloom before dawn. Weather Status: 44F | 10-15mph wind   Warm Up: Mosey Side Straddle Hops – 20 Baby Arm Circles/Reverse – 15 Windmills – 10 Frankenstein’s – 15   Indian Run: Burpees – 10 Mucho Chesto – Sets of 12 Flutter Kicks – 40 LBC’s – 20 Lunges – … Read more

Leaping Leprechaun

Beautiful St. Patty’s morning for a beat down. Too many men on spring break! Hope they are enjoying the ice cream. Warm up – Keeping with the St. Patty’s Day theme ( I was the only one wearing green today): Leaping Leprechauns – Burpee with a High Jump x 10 Shamrock Climbers – 1 arm … Read more

Keeping up with the Herd

7 Pax posted in bitter cold gloom before dawn.   Warm Up: Side Straddle Hops – 20 Baby Arm Circles/Reverse – 15 each Cotton Pickers – 15 Frankenstein’s – 15   Mosey: Mucho Chesto – Sets of 12 Monkey Humpers – 50 Burpees – 10   Indian Run: Mucho Chesto – Sets of 10 Prison … Read more

Who said 13 was an Un-Lucky #?

Did we skip Spring & Summer?  48 degrees at #TheRanch this am as ole’ Florida can’t make up its mind what type of weather it wants to have around here??   YHC has been out for a week or so with work travel and then a little case of head cold/fever (or as the M … Read more