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Run Forrest Run

Typical hot and humid conditions this Thursday morning in the gloom. Special guest, Gump, visiting from NC. The timing of his visit could not have been more appropriate, as a lot of running involved today. Warm Up Mosey to round about SHH IC x 15 Windmill x 10 IC Frankenstein IC x 15 Plank Jacks … Read more

Rucking and Agressive Shakeweighting

What a great day for some lovin! We started off with 6 PAX for a pre-beatdown 5+ mile ruck at a 15min mile pace. We got back to the courts just in time for the 7:30 beatdown. There was a slight  mis-calculation in distance of the predetermined route by @no-ski. A penalty was given. 9 … Read more


What a beautifully humid and muggy morning in the gloom.  YHC arrived promptly at 0500 hours and had to perform a brief eviction of some unwanted tenants on the courts, the cones and weights were set, and the PAX began to arrive.  Welcome again to our visitor SUGAR from Tennessee on his second post in … Read more

Follow The Leader

Welcome two out of towners, Flo rida, Sugar. And an FNG, Chase aka Baiter Disclaimer and begin with double digit midget… Windmills IC x16 SSHs IC x16 Emom. High knees x30 sec. Push ups x20sec. 10 sec. rest and repeat x2 Mosey Bear squares, start at base of parking spot, crawl to top, then right … Read more

Gifts for Dads aka Box of Chocolates, Are We a Ruck Club Yet?

8 PAX drank the GoRuck Coolaid and posted for a pre beatdown ruck session this AM. Record high for F3Lutz rucking club. The other weirdos in the group had some extra rucks to supply to the newbies. Some may have had a little more weight than 30lbs. but we won’t get into details on that :). … Read more

No Sleep Necessary

9 PAX Posted Dragging at first this rather clear morning due to just over 3 hours sleep after traveling back from Dallas for work. The best cure for a little red eye and jet lag was a good ole beat down. Spent time in my travels spreading the word of F3 to co-workers from all … Read more