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The Rochamburpee

No-See-Um handled the warmup this am after a quick speech regarding the latest at F3 Lutz. After moseying to the main round-about we did the following IC SSH x 12 Imperial Walkers x 12 Merkins x 10 Plank Jacks x 12 Windmills x 10 Frankenstein’s x 12 To “round” out the warmup, we did a … Read more

You Are Third

8 Pax Posted this morning in the dreadful humidity. YHC was feeling very sick this morning from a little too much celebration last night but resisted all attempted splashes of Merlot. Old Glory was planted and at 05:30 sharp the pain began.   The Beatdown:   Mosey to Daggerwing circle.   Merkins (IC) X 20 … Read more

Abs and Legs

Most of the PAX got sore arms after Saturday’s beatdown, so YHC planned to give pain to the abs and legs and keep the arm relaxed. 5:30 AM, the Flag is planted and we started the beat down with quick disclaimer and 5 core values of F3. Warming up ::::: Side Stroller Hop – 15 … Read more

There sure are a lot of Trees!

Perfect morning for some miles and merkins! Men showed up ready to work this am. Some were even out before getting in some extra mileage. Flag was planted (good thing @vanellope had his, lucky for me the penalty monster @endo was not present this am) and men went straight to work. Little mumble chatter this am … Read more