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Cool Runnings

8 PAX posted this brisk, cool morning in the low 50s. Yes, that’s cold in Florida. Quick disclaimer with one FNG posting and the PAX got straight to work. SSH IC x 15 Cotton Pickers IC x 15 Frankenstein IC x 10 Shoulder Taps IC x 15 Peter Parkers IC x 10 Mosey to round … Read more

Sanka, Ya Dead Man??

No Man, Sanka (FNG) is NOT Dead! And neither is Murphy, our second FNG from this morning……….even though they may have thought we were trying to put them six feet under.   9 HIM posted in the gloom looking to better themselves on a beautiful morning here at #TheRanch.  YHC was looking forward to an … Read more

Back on Track – Mosey again with BruceLee

Cool weekend, probably the coldest in warm Florida, 5 PAX including 1 FNG travelling from Texas were all set and ready for the beatdown. Quick disclaimer was given and started with warm up. Side Stroller Hop – 20 IC Baby Arm Circle – 10 + 10 (reverse) IC Windmills – 10 IC Mountain Climber – … Read more

we don’t need no stinkin mosey

Beautiful crisp Nov morning in the gloom. YHC continuing the #nomosey theme for the week! We don’t need no stinkin mosey!   Warmup: Squat, Dancing Bears, Groiners, Frankenstein, X-Cross Sit Up The thang: Tabata (20 sec work/ 10 sec rest) alternating the following exercises for 8 total rounds: Peter Parker Jump Squat Now that everyone … Read more


#NoMosey A well thought out queue selection (maybe) on this Tuesday morning in the gloom. YHC and three fellow PAX still recovering from completing the Jax Star Course (50 miler) this past weekend. The best way to ensure no mosey (#NoMosey) and a workout light on the legs and feet was to grab the Q. … Read more