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Moonlit Gloom

Was a “chilly” morning down here in Lutz, FL with temps in the low 40’s. Luckily we had 1 big bright moon. @no-ski even showed us his. Flag was planted and the PAX were off. Warmup: Mosey Lap around dog park and tennis courts SSH Sumo Squat Plank Rotations Crab Humpers Egyptian   The Thang: … Read more

Bruceelee does Burpees

In Cool Thursday morning,  the glorious Flag is planted. 7 pax are posted for the workout few minutes before the time. YHC is feeling blessed to get time to run away for workout after logging into his work. We started the workout without losing a second. # Mosey to the Roundabout in LLR Blvd and … Read more

Let’s Mosey!

12 PAX posted in the gloom here at #TheRanch. Another great turnout. Men are slaying that fartsack dragon! YHC was pleasantly surprised as he did give a pre-beatdown warning about wearing comfortable running shoes and implied there will be plenty of mosey. The weather was just right at 50 degrees. PAX poured in around 5:20 AM to … Read more