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Agility Test

Nice cool morning here in Lutz, FL. 6 Pax arrived ready to work thru the soreness that was still with us from the Iron Pax challenge that we completed Saturday. YHC arrived a little earlier to chalk up 6 agility ladders in the parking lot for the pax. Warm Up Mosey around the dog/tennis courts … Read more

Torturous 43

Gorgeous Saturday morning for the men of F3 Lutz to enjoy week 3 of the Iron Pax Challenge.  Good thing about taking the Q on a Saturday when the IPC is planned……not much to have to plan for.  Bad thing…….YHC and the rest of the pax have to endure 43 minutes of absolute torture.   … Read more


With the preview 8 PAX posted for a Belding workout. No disclaimer given as all veterans present. Off on a short mosey to the round about. Warmup SSHx 15 IC Frankensteins x10 IC Windmill x 10 IC Baby arm circles x10 IC Lunge between lines w a Merkin +1 at each line increasing to 7 … Read more

2.3.5… and Go!

Beautiful Tuesday morning with some shooting stars. 5:30 am and the 6 Pax started their business. Warm Up: SSH – 10 IC Wind Mill – 10 IC Frankenstein – 10 IC Leg Rotating Squat – 10 IC High Knees Burpees – 10 IC Thang: 2.3.5 and Go! Set 1: 2 – Groiners 3 – Jump … Read more

7 PAX in the gloom this morning for a good ole fashioned sweat-fest. Quick disclaimer and straight to work. Mosey around dog park and to round about near the dead end. SSH x 15 IC Frankenstein x 15 IC Cotton Pickers x 15 IC Air Press x 20 IC Merkins x 10 IC Mosey to … Read more

A is for ….

With all veterans present, no disclaimer needed WARMUP Mosey to main roundabout for the following: SSH X 15 IC Frankensteins X 15 IC Windmills X 15 IC Bat Wings IC with arms up the entire time Baby Arm Circles Forward X 10 Baby Arm Circles Reverse X 10 Seal Claps X 10 Overhead Claps X … Read more