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Gone Fishin’

9 PAX in attendance this hot and humid 75 degree morning in the gloom. One FNG and straight to work. YHC encouraged all PAX to hydrate as we wouldn’t be back for a while and after a quick disclaimer we were off to the races. Mosey to traffic circle SSH IC x 20 Cotton Pickers … Read more

With the coupon? Yes!

Beautiful fall morning in the LLR gloom. YHC back after a slight Q’ing hiatus. All pax were on time and ready to go except @solo, who pulled a @murphy. And some pax were too busy spring cleaning in their native american rain dance pj’s. Names will not be named. [youtube] Warmup: Global Warming – … Read more


This Tuesday morning started out by walking into a heat wave of humidity as soon as the door was open to leave for the beatdown. A muggy sweat fest is what awaited the pax this A.M. 5 Pax showed to get better and really push there endurance. YHC had a lot of Mosey on the … Read more

The People’s Q!

Nice and cool morning for 8 PAX ready for the pain. YHC threw out a simple request on Slack the previous evening to gather some feedback from each PAX on one exercise they would like to see for the beatdown. Made no guarantees but in most cases each PAX submitted either their favorite or the … Read more

Happy MSB Day !

Tuesday morning with beautiful sky and glowing full moon were watching the 8 PAX  (with 1 FNG – PopEyes) who were ready to take on the sweat feast. YHC was on DR over the weekends and had consumed a lot of junk foods. So decided to burn them off with the workouts he does not … Read more