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Post Christmas Pain

Nice and warm 62 degrees for a post-Christmas beatdown on this this Thursday in the gloom. Quick disclaimer and straight to work, many PAX anxious to burn off some Christmas Dinner and Egg Nog / preferred adult beverages. A couple visitors from out of town (including Malware) and one FNG. Mosey to round about SSH … Read more

Poor Randy

  Christmas Eve morning here at #TheRanch and 7 pax (including YHC) took the Daily Red Pill at normal 5:30 time. Men in joyous mood on this holiday morning as most were off for the day and getting ready to spend quality time with their families.   Disclaimer given and YHC got right to some … Read more

The day of 3 f’s and banana hammocks

T’was the day of the 3 f’s, and all through the gloom, were hungry pax ready for work and some play. The pax were chattering mumble, while visions of @endo‘s banana hammock danced in their heads. YHC was ready to give ’em a good ole burn! Warmup: Warmup: SSH, Dancing Bears, Mountain Climbers, Lunges, Windmill, … Read more


Three HIM showed up to endure cold temperatures and a workout put on by YHC. 0530 arrived and we were off. Mosey to the traffic circle for a quick warm up: 15 – SSH (IC) 10 – Air Squats (IC) 10 – Air presses (IC) 10 Merkins  (IC) Mosey to the next traffic circle where … Read more

Burpees for No Q Day

4 HIMs ready to take the sweat feast and eagerly waited for Flat Tire to show up to lead as no one has taken Q for the day. 5:30 and no sign him. So we started to make a group Q but turn to be full Q. It appears that after leading the team so … Read more

Demented Dora

  Nice, crisp and light breezy morning here at #TheRanch and 7 pax (including YHC) decided to take the #DRP and have some fun. However, little did the pax know that their young lost-long friend Dora would be making an appearance later in this am’s beatdown.   Nonetheless, the Disclaimer was given and pax were … Read more

December AYG

With December upon us and the new year coming to an end its a good time to start/or continue giving it AYG. Let’s not take anything with us into the new year but instead put it out at every beatdown going forward. The Pax this morning gave it AYG. 3 Pax.   Warm UP Up/Downs … Read more