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Wet-n-Wild Time

  Okay boys, looks like it may be a wet one tomorrow am so bring your swimmies and flippers 🙂  Remember F3 workouts are ALWAYS Rain or Shine so don’t shy away just because of a little Florida rain.  Hey, at least the temps will be in the 60’s which is NOT what we can … Read more

Jacked Up

YHC arrived a little early this morning to get the stations set up. Eager to get started after being DR through the weekend YHC found a good warm up routine to share with the PAX. 9 Pax showed for a cooler but nice morning at the Ranch.   Warm UP   JACKED UP IC 50 … Read more

Rucking Awesome

Slightly warmer weather this morning in the mid 50’s. YHC arrived two minutes before, was slow to start and started about 1 minute late. We got right to it. Ruck along LLR BLVD to Sun Lake and down to the Hill of Hell. Good mumble chatter this morning ranging from sports news, the nutrition challenge, … Read more

Nut Butter Squeeeeeze

Chilly morning in the low 50’s at the Ranch. 8 HIM all strapped up with mosey shoes were ready to get the work done. All vets, no disclaimer needed. YHC spared no time, straight to the mosey. Some mumble chatter on corn vs. flour tortillas and the joys of eating nut butters straight from the … Read more

Cold as Ruck!!!

A frigid 39 degrees for this Tuesday morning beatdown. 7 PAX in attendance (all regulars) and straight to work. 30s would be the them! Mosey to round about SHH IC x 15 Cotton pickers IC x 10 Frankenstein IC x 15 Merkins IC x 10 Mountain Climbers IC x 15 Superman IC x 10 Indian … Read more

Kung Fu Fighting

A beautiful cool morning at the ranch for 7 PAX to enjoy a great @Belding Beatdown. The mumble chatter started early as YHC called all to order at 730. All veterans so no disclaimer given and off for a mosey to the Sunlake roundabout. Warmup Imperial walkers x15 IC Frankensteins x10 IC Air press x10 … Read more

Rucking Great Weather

Perfect weather conditions in the upper 60s with a slight breeze for 3 PAX that posted for the Friday Ruck/Run.  No warmup needed, time to ruck up and get moving. RUCK  –  1.5 MILES RUCKS OFF FOR A SERIES OF SPRINTS SPRINT 1 POLE THEN WALK 1 POLE SPRINT 2 POLES THEN WALK 1 POLE … Read more