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Guest Q – Burpees, Bear Crawl and Mosey

QIC: Heidi (Guest Q visiting from Springfield TN)   PAX: Endo, Dba, Grouper, FlatTire, Miley, Belding, Vanellope, Heidi, FNG(Anchorman)    Warmorama 10 SSH in cadence  10 Cherry (peanut/cotton) pickers OYO 10 Good Mornings OYO 4 WMH 10 High Knee Hammers in cadence   Thang 7 Around The Circle Mosey around the front loop stopping and … Read more


9 PAX posted on a very chilly and windy day looking for some action.  A few came by foot and were exausted after completing a pre-beatdown 5k run .  Got some stretching in, disclaimer was given and we were off… WARMUP SSH  –  X10  –  IC MERKIN  –  X10  –  IC FRANKENSTEIN  –  X10  –  IC … Read more

Fat Tuesday Pre-Blast


Who will HC for Fat Tuesday tomorrow and come out for a big-time celebration??  The 100 Burpee Challenge is right around the corner (starting Sunday, March 1), and YHC can promise the pax that there will NOT be 100 burpees done tomorrow in the gloom!!!  


What will there be you ask?  Well, you gotta take that Daily Red Pill and post to find out……….however, it wouldn’t be a proper pre-blast without a few teasers.

  •  Some mosey
  •  A few Box Jumps
  •  A lil Ring around the Rosey (roundabout)
  •  And also some Playground fun mixed in 🙂


So slay that dragon, join YHC and your other F3 Lutz brothers for what will be a “CELEBRATION” (click on Celebration link) tomorrow at #TheRanch! 



Straight To Business

9 Pax this gloom with one visitor (Akbar). YHC arrived with a plan, and that was to get straight to business for this beatdown. Quick disclaimer was given and encouraged by all Pax to let the visitor know that the killer of men was on Q.   Warm Up…not soo much SSH X15   Straight … Read more


YHC’s feet were still black and blue from the 26 mile GoRuck Star course this past weekend so a #nomosey beatdown was the best choice. However, there were ulterior motives with trying to entice @flat tire who has admitted he hates mosey and struggles with slaying his dragons. The #nomosey did not entice, the struggle … Read more