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Tour de Hill with some Pickle Pounders

    Q:  No-See-Um   Pax: Haka, Solo, Grouper, Endo, Vanellope, Miley, Anchorman, Flat Tire, Belding, No-See-Um   Weather conditions: Low 70’s, humidity (high) and a very light breeze (maybe….just a little).   YHC had the men of F3 Lutz meet at the Hill of Hell this am and was excited to see the two … Read more

Social Distancing

Mosey to Round About SSH IC x 15 Cotton Pickers IC x 10 Frankenstein IC x 20 Salute Plank IC x 15 Mountain Climbers IC x 15 Merkins IC x 10 Mosey to round about 3 burpees at each line and lunge to next 21 burpees total Plank when finished Mosey to dead end 11s … Read more

social distancing leprechauns

7 PAX this am on this beautiful St. Patty’s day at the ranch. Many PAX were enjoying their modified spring breaks. YHC overheard some mumble chatter on the real need for TP and other possible alternatives. A lot of great ideas. Even the one about rinsing off in @no-see-um‘s pool. Warmup: Just a little festive … Read more

Where’s Jason?

Friday the 13th upon us and 8 PAX posted to grab those bonus points in the March 100 Burpee Challenge…7 met at the courts and one would be in hiding pretending to be Jason…No warm-up this morning, just 10 Star Jack Burpees  –  OYO  –  and we were off… Mosey to dead end round-a-bout and … Read more