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Old 45s

QIC:  ENDO PAX:  ENDO, GROUPER, NO-SEE-UM, VANELLOPE, CHEESEHEAD, BELDING, DILLIO, URKEL, APNEA, WATERBOY, FLAT TIRE QUOTES OF THE DAY: “It’s 0530 and my watch is set to the Belding Standard Time Zone (BST)!”  ~Belding~ “There’s no walking in baseball…”  ~Vanellope~   (Or is there??? This one confused all the PAX even Vanellope…)   11 PAX posted … Read more

The Multi-Chapter Back Blast

Chapter 1—The Beginning   It all began ITG on Thursday.  13 PAX arrived at The Ranch for a @belding led beatdown in preparation for IPC Week 4 on Saturday.  In attendance: Haka, Endo, Cheesehead, Smokey, Urkel, No-See-Um, Belding, Apnea, Vanellope, Grouper, Flat Tire, Dillio, and Water Boy.   @apnea arrived as the clock struck 5:30, … Read more

Killer of Bunnies

11 Pax showed up ITG for our Tuesday Beatdown. It was the 1st Day of Fall and with it came cool weather and a nice breeze. Double digits continuing to show up down here at F3 Lutz. Killer of Men on Q, but later changed to Killer of Bunnies after completing a lengthy set of … Read more

IPC week 3 2020 at the Ranch

BOOM! IPC 2020 brought out an all time high here at the Ranch this year with 15 PAX ready to lay down some pain. And it has been confirmed, donating blood the night before an IPC workout is no big deal. Warmup: SSH Frankenstein Slow Monkey Humpers Quad pullbacks/Bear Crawl Hamstring stretches/Bear Crawl High Knees … Read more

Week 3 Iron PAX Warm Up

Nice and cool Thursday AM with 14 PAX in attendance, ready to start this day off strong! Quick disclaimer and F3s five core principles and straight to work. Mosey to round about SSH IC x 15 Frankenstein IC x 15 Baby Arm Circles IC x 10 (+reverse) Merkin IC x 10 Shoulder Tap IC x … Read more

I said “GOOD MORNING” to YA!!!

QIC: No-See-Um Pax: Grouper, Cheesehead, Vanellope, Boobie, Anchorman, Miley, Flat Tire, Urkel (FNG), Sanka, No-See-Um 10 Pax present on this wet and drizzly Tuesday gloom.  Almost 11 as Endo looked ready to go but wait……was he in his boxers??  Ahhh, Endo was doing what Endo does….making a special delivery, haha! With a slow ten second … Read more

Is that an Ant Hill or Dog Shit?

A great humid September morning for a sweat fest with 10 PAX posting during the week. Quick disclaimer and we were off for a short mosey to the roundabout by the dead end. Circle up for: Frankenstein’s IC x 10 Baby arm circles IC x 10 Imperial Walkers IC x 10 Quick mosey to the … Read more