11 Pax showed up ITG for our Tuesday Beatdown. It was the 1st Day of Fall and with it came cool weather and a nice breeze. Double digits continuing to show up down here at F3 Lutz. Killer of Men on Q, but later changed to Killer of Bunnies after completing a lengthy set of Murder Bunnies in preparation for Week 4 IPC. lol


Warm Up

  • SSH X20 IC
  • Bunny Hops (Forward/Backward) X10 IC
  • Lateral Hops X10 IC
  • Bobby Hurleys X10 OYO

Getting Started… Get a partner

  • DORA (cinderblocks)           *Partner mosey around BB court
  • – Blockees X50
  • – Thrusters X75
  • – Kettle Bell Swings X100
  • – Curl Presses X125

Mosey to Playground with cinderblock

  • DORA                                      *Partner SSH X20
  • – 50 Burpees
  • – 75 Pull Ups
  • – 100 Merkins
  • – 125 Squats

Mosey to FOP with cinderblock

  • Murder Bunnies X10  (New workout to F3 Lutz introduced by the IPC)
  • Partner Bear Crawls…alternating for 50yds




  • Prayers for us to be role models for our children
  • Prayers for our health and safety
  • Thankful for another beautiful morning ITG



  • Vanellope Shout Outs


Grouper- Rain or shine, Monday thru Sunday we can always count on you to be out there getting after it with the other Pax and always at  100% effort.

Cheesehead– Great job continuing to post with energy and motivation. Your high energy is rubbing off on the other Pax.

Urkell- Love the positivity that you bring, keep on working hard and the results will show.

More shout outs coming at my future Q’s…