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On the clock Peter Parker

Q: Chowdah

PAX: Hitchhiker, Dillio, Waterboy, Grouper, No-See-Um, Smokey, Vanellope, Vanilla Ice, Urkel, Dba, Anchorman, Drago, Big Papi, Flat Tire, Opossum, Chowdah


Tuesday 5:30, with the weather starting to get normal again. 65 Degrees outside and a nice breeze. 16 Pax including a new face but not an FNG; Opossum got his name on his first work out during a visit to his brother in Tennessee (F3Chattanooga). Light drizzle before the work out, everyone got to the courts on time YHC got down to business.

5 principles of F3.

  1. Free of Charge
  2. Open to all Men
  3. Held Outdoors
  4. Peer Led
  5. Ends with COT


Warm up:

  • SSHs
  • Baby Arm Circle (Forward then backwards)
  • Frankensteins
  • Windmills
  • Start from one end of the court, crawling Peter Parkers
    • Split the PAX between the two courts
  • 20 LBCs


Mosey: Out to the main road from courts around the tennis court back over to the playground

Playground time:

  • 5 Pulls ups
  • 15 Burpees
  • 6 Chin ups
  • 20 Jump tuck squats
  • 8 Close grip pull ups
  • 25 Jump squats


Mosey: Out of the main road back near the tennis courts to the roundabout

Clocking in:

  • Alphabets (on your six, spelling out the alphabet)
  • 10 Merkins
  • 20 Box Cutters
  • Clock Merkins
    • Like the face of a clock, turn to the time called out and do a merkin
  • Indian crab walks
    • Everyone on their six, everyone does LBCs as one PAX goes side straddles around circle back to original spot next PAX goes until everyone done.


Mosey: Follow road back to the Pavilion

Step it up and hold:

  • 20 Step ups (the hardway)
  • Balls to the wall, hold in cadence
  • Wall squats, hold in cadence

Mosey back to the courts:

Finishing it off with crawling Peter Parkers x4 (there and back is one)



  • Smokey: Prayers for fallen deputy and their family
  • Urkel: Prayers for Urkel’s cousin, minor heart attack
    • thankful to be out with the other PAXs
  • Grouper: The M’s aunt has positive test for COVID
  • No-See-Um: Brother is still having positive test for COVID
  • Prayers for Cheesehead, SloppyJoe and other PAXs unable to make it due to COVID or sickness in general



  • Nutrition Challenge: make sure to post daily results in the excel


Q’s for rest of this week:

  • Miley – The District/Wednesday
  • Dillio – The Ranch/Thursday
  • Grouper – The Ranch/Friday (RUCK)
  • Big Papi – Bone Yard/Saturday



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