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Who knows to Shuffle the Deck of Card

QIC: DBA PAX: Grouper, Dillio, Vanellope, Goose, Boobie, Apnea, Belding, Hitchhiker, Clubber, Anchorman, Dba Warmer day after week of freeze warning. It has been quite a while YHC had skipped the beatdown to escape the cold and healing back pain. Glad to be back in business. 5:30 am ITG, with quick disclaimer and reciting core … Read more

It was just starting to be Fun

QIC: DBA PAX: Grouper, Vanellope, Endo, Urkel, Cheesehead, Geeksquad, Haka, Waterboy, Smokey, Anchorman, dba, FNG(Goose) Cool Saturday Morning (looks like winter is starting for Florida), 12 PAX (including one FNG – Goose) ready for the beatdown. As suggested by some folks during the Ruck day, YHC has planned to do a beatdown including mosey. 7:30 … Read more

Preparation for SASQUATCH

QIC: dba PAX Names: Sloppy Joe, Anchorman, Nomad, Endo, Grouper, Miley, dba Breezy Saturday morning. Since there was no Q assigned YHC wanted to take it and get an idea of what is required for the SASQUATCH challenge happening 1st of August. With quick disclaimer we started it. Mosey to the picnic table next to … Read more

Light poles – Nah! not for Dog’s reason

PAX Name: Flat Tire, Haka, No-See-Um, Malware, Belding, Miley, dba QIC: dba Beautiful morning and all PAX were ready for the sweat-feast. 5:30 and after quick disclaimer mosey towards Sun Lake Blvd. Warm up at the Roundabout: – 20 SSH IC – 10 Frankenstein IC – 10 Wind Mills IC Mosey to Sun Lake Blvd … Read more

Monkey Burpees

PAX: Haka, No-See-Um, Endo, Flat Tire, Apnea, Vanellope, Miley, Grouper, Belding, dba QIC: DBA   5:30 AM, all Veterans present, so we started our business straight away.   SSH – 44 IC Mosey to the Roundabout towards Sun Lake. Along the way we warmed up with – Baby Arm Circle – 10 IC Merkins – … Read more

Bruce Lees and Bear Crawl QIC: DBA PAX: Apnea. Miley, Grouper, Endo, Belding, No-See-Um, dba, Vanellope, Haka 5:30 and 9 PAX were ready to are ready to melt those Super Bowl wings. After quick disclaimer, Mosey around the mail box to the court. Cirle up for Warm Up: – 3 Split Jacks – 3 Squats – … Read more

All about 20….. 2020

First beatdown of the new Year and new Decade!!! Cool morning and PAX were ready to get rid of the junk consumed in 2019. Glory Flag has been planted and we are on the move. YHC had planned to be on the move along with the exercises so that PAX will feel warmer. Mosey to the … Read more


Three HIM showed up to endure cold temperatures and a workout put on by YHC. 0530 arrived and we were off. Mosey to the traffic circle for a quick warm up: 15 – SSH (IC) 10 – Air Squats (IC) 10 – Air presses (IC) 10 Merkins  (IC) Mosey to the next traffic circle where … Read more