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Individual Motivation

(Late post for 3/27/18) 11 pax posted in the AM at the BB courts for the warm-up. Side Straddle Hop Super Side Straddle Hop Arm Rotations Frankensteins Cotton Pickers Windmills   Beatdown is as posted: Mosey down to the round a bout 10 mercans 10 ircans 10 dircans Fast pace indian run to Sunlake blvd … Read more

Poles of Plunder

4 Pax posted for the continued chill Tuesday morning in Lutz, Florida.  Dwn-Unda on Q.  All good for the warm-up, ramp-up, meat and potatoes than cool down.   Beat-down: Warm-up 20 four counts of each:  SSH – (SUPER) SSH – Squats – baby arm circles – mountain climbers – cotton pickers Ramp-up mosey to Sun … Read more

The “tire” makes its inaugural appearance today. A brand new torture device

10 PAX posted today in #TheRanch (double digit midget).  Had the HIIT whistle blaring, trying to wake up the neighbors… The beat down is as follows:  Side Straddle Hop – Supper Side Straddle Hop – Frankenstein – Arm Circles – Shoulder Taps – Mountain Climbers and Mosey around the dog park/tennis courts, rounded out the … Read more