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IT by day, photography by night. My first official F3Lutz workout was on April 15, 2017.
15 02, 2018

Run Forest Run aka Old Man No-Ski

By | 2018-02-15T09:16:29+00:00 February 15th, 2018|Back Blasts|0 Comments

10 PAX posted for Thursday edition beatdown in the gloom here at #TheRanch. Nice to get that double-digit midget in again. Great to see some regulars back in the rotation. The temperature was just right and YHC wanted to keep the men moving today at a decent pace. The flag was [...]

13 01, 2018

Making Waves with Merkins at #TheRanch

By | 2018-01-13T12:46:49+00:00 January 13th, 2018|Back Blasts|0 Comments

8 PAX posted for a chilled Saturday morning here in Lutz, Florida. YHC on Q getting the blood pumping and moving the PAX through today's beatdown. The flag was planted at BB courts and men went to work. As we prepared to head out for a mosey, @dillio joined us few [...]

2 01, 2018

Happy New Year, but Man is it Cold in Florida!

By | 2018-01-02T10:16:20+00:00 January 2nd, 2018|Back Blasts|0 Comments

For Florida standards, it was cold today. 38 degrees and windy, but thanks to Sky Q no rain. 7 HIM posted for a beatdown in the cold, windy gloom. Few fartsackers stayed back, but they sure will be back out soon. It is New Year after all and it's time for those [...]

16 12, 2017

Third F plus 2.0’s Equals a Fun Saturday Beatdown at #TheRanch

By | 2017-12-16T20:27:31+00:00 December 16th, 2017|Back Blasts|0 Comments

Excellent day for a workout with 2.0's. YHC on Q. 19 PAX in total for today's beatdown including our 2.0's of course. Everyone arrived on time and looked to be ready to go. We started our thang on the Field of Pain. Flag was planted, quick disclaimer was given. We [...]

5 12, 2017

Some Gambling Going on at #TheRanch This AM

By | 2017-12-05T09:16:17+00:00 December 5th, 2017|Back Blasts|0 Comments

Nice and cool this morning in Lutz, Florida. Perfect weather for a beatdown. 11 PAX posted for another double digit midget. Fairly quiet today with little mumble chatter among the PAX. Maybe it was the post Super Moon thing. YHC had one of those "I don't want to get out [...]

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