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The theme for todays beatdown was Explosive. YHC tried to incorporate a lot of exercises that forces the Pax to really exert themselves and explode through each exercise. A cold morning to YHC standards but shorts and tee shirt weather for some of the other pax, upper 40’s. 15 Pax arrived ready to get started. … Read more

Stations around LLR

There was great weather ITG! And 11 Pax showed eager to get the week started off right. We got some Pax that are injured, sick, or DR,  and we can not wait for them to get back out to grind it out with there fellow Pax. And I have to mention the new record we … Read more

Call An Ambulance

YHC was excited this morning to run Q. YHC had a different warm up planned out to make these pax better. A lot of traffic in the area due to the Community Garage Sale so the boys were to wear there Sunday best… or at least Flat Tire mentioned it. Pax arrived early, donations for … Read more


15 Strong at the Ranch ITG. The guys came hungry and YHC brought plenty to eat this morning.   Quote of the Day: ” I am going to catch your 130lb ass ” Haka…. I stole a page out of Endo’s playbook LOL. I just cant stop thinking of Haka on my ass yelling that at me … Read more

Killer of Bunnies

11 Pax showed up ITG for our Tuesday Beatdown. It was the 1st Day of Fall and with it came cool weather and a nice breeze. Double digits continuing to show up down here at F3 Lutz. Killer of Men on Q, but later changed to Killer of Bunnies after completing a lengthy set of … Read more

Easing Back In

8 Pax showed up ITG. Many still recovering from Saturdays YES MAN MILE! 1 FNG, Welcome Rasenbagger.   WARM UP (All IC) SSH X20 Mosey around Dog Park Windmill X10 Frankenstein X10 Groiners X10 Peter Parkers X10   BURPEE MILE- 12 Burpees…1/4 Mile Mosey around Dog/Tennis Park… X4   Mosey to Playground   PARNTER UP…PULL … Read more

Merkins with a side of Merkins

3 Pax arrived at the BB courts and 1 Pax met us 5 minutes in at the ‘To Be Named’ Sunlake stretch. Some Pax DR, some fartsacking, some getting home at 11:45 PM(ETA), or some a little banged up from the Sasquatch we knocked out on Saturday. But none-the-less YHC was ready for whoever showed … Read more

Quick Out the Gate

8 HIM showed up this morning for a beatdown from YHC. The weather was great, the Pax were eager, and YHC was ready to deliver.   Warm Up SSH X25 IC Windmill X10 IC Baby Arm Circles X10 IC Burpees X10 IC Extended Mosey from BB Courts to Sunlake and back to Dead End Suicide … Read more