21 06, 2018


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What a beautifully humid and muggy morning in the gloom.  YHC arrived promptly at 0500 hours and had to perform a brief eviction of some unwanted tenants on the courts, the cones and weights were set, and the PAX began to arrive.  Welcome again to our visitor SUGAR from Tennessee [...]

16 06, 2018

Gifts for Dads aka Box of Chocolates, Are We a Ruck Club Yet?

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8 PAX drank the GoRuck Coolaid and posted for a pre beatdown ruck session this AM. Record high for F3Lutz rucking club. The other weirdos in the group had some extra rucks to supply to the newbies. Some may have had a little more weight than 30lbs. but we won't get [...]

9 06, 2018

Birthday Burpees and 1 Unexcused Absence

By | 2018-06-09T21:00:58+00:00 June 9th, 2018|Back Blasts|0 Comments

What a fantastic day for a beatdown, its been a few weeks since YHC's last Q so I was pumped to get this one going. Flag was planted and Men went straight to work. Minus those who HC'd but failed to post. No names will be mentioned but penalty of [...]

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