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The Fake Out Got’em Again

Beautiful weather this morning at the Ranch. 19 Strong showed up including 1 FNG, Powdah (Welcome). A lot of guys showed up early, even Apnea (incredible). Some pre workout mumble chatter, the usual, some of the older pax talking about aches and pains lol. With that said, lets get started. QIC: Vanellope Pax: Apnea, Belding, … Read more

No Mercy Saturday at the Bone Yard

The Flag was planted and 7:30 am hit on a beautiful Saturday morning at the Bone Yard. 13 Pax in attendance ready to get to work and mosey around Bexley. Disclaimer was given and the 5 core principals of F3 were recited. Welcome back Endo!! PAX: Big Papi, DBA, Nancy, Aquaman, Drago, Belding, Showdah, Nova, … Read more

No Mercy Thursday aka “Use your Blinkers”

Thursday 5:30am, beautiful morning for a beatdown. 16 Pax including 2 FNG’s (Villa and Smoggy) ready to workout and get some Mosey on. Big Papi, Vanilla Ice, Grouper, Hitchhiker, OPossum, Belding, FNG’s (Villa and Smoggy), Haka, Smokey, Vanellope, Saint, Showdah, Waterboy, Miley and Apnea. 5 principles of F3. Free of Charge Open to all Men … Read more

Who’s on Q

QIC:  ENDO PAX:  ENDO, VANELLOPE, BOOBIE, HITCHHIKER, VANILLA ICE, DRAGO, APNEA, WATERBOY, MILEY QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “Looks like there’s another 10 burpees on the way!” ~Vanellope~ 9 PAX posted on a very brisk 44 degree morning for some action.  YHC came undercover disguised as an FNG.  Waterboy was in on the plan and looks … Read more

Bit of Both

QIC: Apnea PAX: Aquaman, Big Papi, Chowdah, Drago, Grouper, Haka, Hitch Hiker, Miley, Possum, Saint (FNG), Smokey, Vanellope, Waterboy,   YHC stated that there would be some mosey and some not mosey today but that we would be constantly moving to keep warm with anticipated temperatures of 40. Fourteen PAX including one FNG braved the … Read more

And then there was 5

PAX-Boobie, Hitchhiker, Chawda, Apnea Q-Belding Boobie and YHC started thinking it was going to just be the 2 of them, but Chawda and Hitchhicker saved the day with 1 minute to spare to make it 4. But wait who is that we hear turning off 54….Apnea?  Yes. Quick disclaimer and we were off towards the … Read more

Relay Buddies

Q: Hitchhiker PAX: Chowder, Waterboy, Big Papi, Haka, Aquaman, No-See-Um, Grouper, DBA, Smokey, Vanilla Ice, Apnea, Vanellope, Flat Tire, Miley, Urkel Disclaimer 3 Fs 5 Principles Warm Up: All 4 counts: SSH – 15 Frog pumps – 10 Dead bugs – 10 BBS – 11 Windmills – 10 Relay: Split-up into groups of 2. Person … Read more