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Relay Buddies

Q: Hitchhiker PAX: Chowder, Waterboy, Big Papi, Haka, Aquaman, No-See-Um, Grouper, DBA, Smokey, Vanilla Ice, Apnea, Vanellope, Flat Tire, Miley, Urkel Disclaimer 3 Fs 5 Principles Warm Up: All 4 counts: SSH – 15 Frog pumps – 10 Dead bugs – 10 BBS – 11 Windmills – 10 Relay: Split-up into groups of 2. Person … Read more


QIC: Miley PAX: Solo, Boobie, Flat Tire, Vanilla Ice, Vanellope, Waterboy, Apnea   Brisk 53 degree morning at The District. PAX circled up right at 5:30, disclaimer given, and off for a mosey. Mosey around restrooms, and up to grassy circle by playgrounds. Warm Up: Windmills x 10 IC Tappity Tap Taps x 10 IC … Read more

Murder Bunny

QIC: Miley PAX: Norwood, Snippy, Big Papi, Waterboy, Vanellope, Vanilla Ice, Drago, Meatloaf, Boobie, Apnea, Solo, Goose Chilly morning at The District with temps in the 40s. A little mumble chatter as 5:30 approaches. As YHC is about to call on the PAX to circle up, a figure is noticed moseying from the other end … Read more

‘Twas the Pre-dawn before Christmas

F3 Night Before Christmas (12/24/2020) 0530 hours @ BB Court Disclaimer Review 3 Fs of F3 Fitness Fellowship Faith Review 5 principles of F3 Free of Charge Open to all Men Held Outdoors Peer Led Ends with COT **Mosey to roundabout** Warm up (All IC / 15 – 4ct) Side Straddle Hop Windmills LBCs Imperial … Read more

Mosey meets Suicides!!!

14 Pax in attendance and 1 FNG for a Saturday beatdown. QIC: Big Papi (VQ) & No-See-Um Quick disclaimer, and immediately got to work . Jumping jacks (side straddle hops) Squats Lunges Merkins Mosey around the lake trail/walkway with 4 stops. 1st stop: 10 Merkins 10 Burpees 20 LBC’s ( sit ups ) 2nd stop … Read more

Halloween Week – Tuesday Pre-Blast

Good afternoon gents…….this is a test to see if you all are paying attention and a little something known as a “Pre-Blast” (as noted in the title).  As opposed to a “Back-Blast” which comes after the beatdown, a “Pre-Blast” comes BEFORE the Beatdown.    Oh and speaking of ‘blast’…’s gonna be a blast tomorrow morning … Read more

Guest Q – Burpees, Bear Crawl and Mosey

QIC: Heidi (Guest Q visiting from Springfield TN)   PAX: Endo, Dba, Grouper, FlatTire, Miley, Belding, Vanellope, Heidi, FNG(Anchorman)    Warmorama 10 SSH in cadence  10 Cherry (peanut/cotton) pickers OYO 10 Good Mornings OYO 4 WMH 10 High Knee Hammers in cadence   Thang 7 Around The Circle Mosey around the front loop stopping and … Read more

damn you, gelato!

Beautiful Morning for @Castro’s sendoff. Some men back from spring break with extra gelato lbs…flag was planted and men went to work. Warmup: Inchworm x 10 OYO 3-way Mountain Climber x 3 OYO 1-Handed Mountain Climber x 10 each hand Pike Press x 15 ( a little debate here on what F3 calls this exercise, … Read more