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The District -> Yea, come on…..

  The District   -> Tomorrow….Wednesday, December 16 –> 5:30-6:15 am —> Look for shovel flag in corner of soccer fields directly opposite the baseball diamond —-> GLOVES are recommended but not required 🙂 —–> IF you are late, there will be PENALTIES…….unless you have a Really, Really, Really good excuse 🙂 🙂 🙂   … Read more

Fat Tuesday Pre-Blast


Who will HC for Fat Tuesday tomorrow and come out for a big-time celebration??  The 100 Burpee Challenge is right around the corner (starting Sunday, March 1), and YHC can promise the pax that there will NOT be 100 burpees done tomorrow in the gloom!!!  


What will there be you ask?  Well, you gotta take that Daily Red Pill and post to find out……….however, it wouldn’t be a proper pre-blast without a few teasers.

  •  Some mosey
  •  A few Box Jumps
  •  A lil Ring around the Rosey (roundabout)
  •  And also some Playground fun mixed in 🙂


So slay that dragon, join YHC and your other F3 Lutz brothers for what will be a “CELEBRATION” (click on Celebration link) tomorrow at #TheRanch! 



Wet-n-Wild Time

  Okay boys, looks like it may be a wet one tomorrow am so bring your swimmies and flippers 🙂  Remember F3 workouts are ALWAYS Rain or Shine so don’t shy away just because of a little Florida rain.  Hey, at least the temps will be in the 60’s which is NOT what we can … Read more

Spoiler alert – PT testing 4/21

F3 men, tomorrow’s beat down will be one that I think will be a lot of fun! We will be doing some PT Testing to gauge our current fitness levels. It has been fun to watch men get fitter and stronger in their journey. My plan will be to do this again in 6 weeks … Read more

Holiday Toy Drive (Toys for Tots) for a local Fire Station

Hello fellow neighbors! In addition to bringing men together to workout and enjoy the fellowship, F3 is also about giving back to the community. Our local workout group for men (F3Lutz) is partnering up together with the LLR Spirit Committee to bring joy to those in need this holiday season. This Friday during the Food … Read more

Trick or Treat…..

Turn up the Heat…….. The men of F3Lutz will be absolutely Beat………….after Tuesday’s Beatdown.   It will be a Halloween themed one and hopefully fun for all…………MUUUAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAA!   Come ready for a Sweat-Fest as we all have to burn some extra calories for all the candy we will take in later in the evening!   … Read more