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Who’s on Q

QIC:  ENDO PAX:  ENDO, VANELLOPE, BOOBIE, HITCHHIKER, VANILLA ICE, DRAGO, APNEA, WATERBOY, MILEY QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “Looks like there’s another 10 burpees on the way!” ~Vanellope~ 9 PAX posted on a very brisk 44 degree morning for some action.  YHC came undercover disguised as an FNG.  Waterboy was in on the plan and looks … Read more

Bad News Bears

QIC:  ENDO PAX:  ENDO, GROUPER, HAKA, NO-SEE-UM, BELDING, VANELLOPE, DBA, ANCHORMAN, CHEESEHEAD, URKEL, RUB-N-TUG, SLOPPY JOE, FNG (NANCY), GOOSE Quote of the Day:  “I am definitely not going behind Endo!”  ~Grouper~ 14 PAX posted (1 FNG, 1 Injured Reserve and 1 late as usual…oh wait who is that?) for a super scary daylight themed Halloween … Read more

PT Time Again

QIC:  ENDO PAX:  ENDO, NO-SEE-UM, VANELLOPE, GROUPER, DBA, BELDING, ANCHORMAN, FLAT TIRE, CHEESEHEAD, URKEL, BIG PAPI, GOOSE, RUB-N-TUG QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “My pants are coming off too!”  ~Cheesehead~   13 PAX posted on a beautifully cool and windy day here at The Ranch for another dreaded PT Test.  YHC was out and about super … Read more

Feeling F”ab”ulous

QIC: ENDO PAX: ENDO, MILEY, DBA, SLOPPY JOE, COUGAR, RUB-N-TUG, BELDING, ANCHORMAN, SOLO, FLAMINGO, NO-SEE-UM, GROUPER QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “Did I ever mention that I hate running!” – SLOPPY JOE 12 PAX posted (2 performing the Sasquatch Challenge) for a scorching hot sweatfest with temps in the low 90’s.  Welcome back Flamingo visiting from … Read more

Summer Time

Summer Time, the heat and humidity in full effect today. The Pax were dripping from head to toes. 8 Pax showed up this morning to get the week started off right. 1 FNG from Georgia, welcome short circuit (lower case). Warm Up SSH X20 IC Inchworm X10 OYO Baby Arm Circles X10 (reverse) Seal Claps … Read more