10 08, 2017

When at F3Lutz, Enter Coupon Code LB3 for Discount

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Weather was about 100% humidity with no air moving at all. You pretty much sweat just standing outside. 4 PAX posted for the gloom beatdown. It was all about coupons this AM. LB3's made appearance again. These are the little 19lb's inner tube sand bags that we use in our [...]

29 06, 2017

The 3 Amigos and the Long Lake of Pain

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Excellent weather conditions this AM. About 75 degrees at the start and not feeling as humid. 3 PAX posted for the beatdown in the gloom. YHC and DBA on Q. It was DBA's VQ. He did great bringing on the pain. The Thang: Started with the disclaimer. Then at BB [...]