12 09, 2017

Action Packed Beatdown with Cinder Block Work & 11’s at #TheRanch

By |2017-09-12T14:59:58-04:00September 12th, 2017|Back Blasts|0 Comments

Beautiful, cool morning (for September in FL) and 3 Pax showed up ready to make a downpainment! The AO at F3 Lutz was spared for the most part by Hurricane Irma. It may be a few days before we can access the sidewalk or dock around our big Lake as [...]

15 08, 2017

A Bear Crawl Variety & a Kick Ass Circuit!

By |2017-08-15T10:41:32-04:00August 15th, 2017|Back Blasts|0 Comments

Conditions: 78 degrees and quite balmy feeling! 45 minutes of pure bliss about to begin... Let’s get right to the Thang. Warm Up; Mosey for a bit then…. SSH x15 Hillbillies x15 Cotton pickers x15 Merkins x15 Pop Jacks x15 Mosey to the roundabout...... Bear Crawl around roundabout – Forward [...]

29 07, 2017

All Out of Gas In the Field of Pain

By |2017-07-29T21:44:50-04:00July 29th, 2017|Back Blasts|0 Comments

Glorious morning at #TheRanch for a beatdown of EPIC proportions for the Pax brave enough to show. YHC didn't realize the difficulty or harshness of the workout until it was too late.....and there it was, no turning back or backing down. After Disclaimer given we GATA! Warm-Up: Mosey [...]

8 07, 2017

The Day No-See-Um Almost Melted Away…

By |2017-07-08T12:50:37-04:00July 8th, 2017|Back Blasts|0 Comments

Great morning for a beatdown here at #TheRanch. We had 4 PAX posted including a guest appearance from Morphine out of Atlanta. Q was split between YHC and @no-see-um. Towards the end during MARY, @no-see-um was sweating so much that YHC didn't think it was possible :). The only other [...]

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