29 06, 2019


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6 HIM showed up ready to slay the dragon on a scorching hot and humid morning in the gloom...some mumble chatter of #nomosey was mentioned, however what YHC actually meant to say was #momosey because he had more mosey than usual in store (nose growing...sorry @flattire).  The disclaimer was given [...]

7 05, 2019

Pain is our Business….and Business is Gooooooood !

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6 PAX this morning to post to a beatdown in the gloom. We welcomed our visitor from Tennessee, Sugar. The Flag was planted. No disclaimer as all Vets were in attendance…..and we were off as everyone was all business this morning. WARMUP SSH X 20 Windmill x10 Cotton Pickers X10 [...]

28 02, 2019

Merk Fest aka Pump Up that Chest!

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7 PAX posted for another Thursday edition beatdown in the gloom here at #TheRanch. Weather was just right, but mosquitoes were out for vengeance today. The flag was planted, and the men of F3Lutz went to work. YHC had plenty of Merkins listed on his winke. Post beatdown, according to [...]

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