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Let’s Mosey!

12 PAX posted in the gloom here at #TheRanch. Another great turnout. Men are slaying that fartsack dragon! YHC was pleasantly surprised as he did give a pre-beatdown warning about wearing comfortable running shoes and implied there will be plenty of mosey. The weather was just right at 50 degrees. PAX poured in around 5:20 AM to … Read more

Huffing and Puffing Down the Sunlake Blvd.

4 PAX posted for today’s beatdown in the gloom. Nice and humid, time to sweat. Flag was planted, LB3’s were in tow and the disclaimer was given. YHC trying to keep a faster pace today to get the PAX gassed and in pain through out the beatdown. [justified_image_grid preset=4 row_height=900 lightbox=links-off disable_cropping=yes ng_pics=98] The Thang; … Read more

Split Q at #TheRanch

6 PAX posted for the weekend edition of beatdown at #TheRanch. Waffle had to do an Irish Goodbye halfway through, but we are glad he made it out for the first half. Weather was real nice. It was a split Q between @spongebob and YHC. [justified_image_grid preset=4 row_height=900 lightbox=links-off disable_cropping=yes ng_pics=94] The Thang; Crop duster … Read more

When at F3Lutz, Enter Coupon Code LB3 for Discount

Weather was about 100% humidity with no air moving at all. You pretty much sweat just standing outside. 4 PAX posted for the gloom beatdown. It was all about coupons this AM. LB3’s made appearance again. These are the little 19lb’s inner tube sand bags that we use in our workouts (Little Baby Bulgarian Bags). … Read more