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Jacked Up

YHC arrived a little early this morning to get the stations set up. Eager to get started after being DR through the weekend YHC found a good warm up routine to share with the PAX. 9 Pax showed for a cooler but nice morning at the Ranch.   Warm UP   JACKED UP IC 50 … Read more

Truth in No mosey

4 HIM made it out this morning for a beat down of stations. YHC arrived a little earlier to prepare the stations. Surprisingly Apnea showed up 10 minutes early as well, shocker lol he is normally in with 30 seconds to spare. Flag was planted and we were off.   Warm Up: Mosey around dog … Read more

The “tire” makes its inaugural appearance today. A brand new torture device

10 PAX posted today in #TheRanch (double digit midget).  Had the HIIT whistle blaring, trying to wake up the neighbors… The beat down is as follows:  Side Straddle Hop – Supper Side Straddle Hop – Frankenstein – Arm Circles – Shoulder Taps – Mountain Climbers and Mosey around the dog park/tennis courts, rounded out the … Read more