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PT Time Again

QIC:  ENDO PAX:  ENDO, NO-SEE-UM, VANELLOPE, GROUPER, DBA, BELDING, ANCHORMAN, FLAT TIRE, CHEESEHEAD, URKEL, BIG PAPI, GOOSE, RUB-N-TUG QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “My pants are coming off too!”  ~Cheesehead~   13 PAX posted on a beautifully cool and windy day here at The Ranch for another dreaded PT Test.  YHC was out and about super … Read more

Into The Fog

Four PAX posted for the beatdown on this foggy morning. Quick disclaimer was given and we were off. Mosey around the dog park and tennis court and back to the basketball court for a quick warmup. All exercises were done IC: SSH X 10 Baby Arm Circles Forward X 10 Baby Arm Circles Reverse X … Read more