Déjà vu from Thursday on Saturday

QIC: no-ski
PAX POSTED: dba, red-reaper, no-ski, bartman

There is a glitch in the Matrix. We did some rinse/repeat from Thursday workout with few modifications. Few PAX still DR, but we got DBA back from his vacation today.

No-Ski on half Q with help from the PAX. Everyone pitched in nicely.

The Thang:

At the BB courts time for warm up.

  • Baby Arm Circles | IC 12 /reverse
  • Air Presses | IC 12
  • SSH | IC 12
  • Imp Walkers | IC 12
  • Frankenstein’s | IC 12
  • Windmills | IC 12
  • Cotton Pickers | IC 12

Mosey around to roundabout.

  • Mountain Climbers | IC 12
  • Irkins | IC 12
  • Sweat Angels | IC 12
  • Hill Billies | IC 12
  • Lunges around the roundabout
  • Bear Crawl around roundabout

Mosey over to the place that gives our neighborhood 2/3 of it’s name, the Long Lake. Time to do some follow the leader around about 1.25 mile lake path. Mosey behind the leader, then stop and do exercise, rinse repeat.


  • LBC’s | IC 10
  • Mosey


  • Dying Cockroach | IC 10
  • Mosey


  • Plank Jacks | IC 12
  • Mosey


  • New exercise!, The Rockette (while in crab walk position, extend one leg at a time across your other leg like the Rockettes do when dancing) | IC 12
  • Mosey


  • Slowsey while stretching the arms
  • 40 yard dash across the wooden walkway


  • Shoulder Taps | IC 12
  • Mosey


  • Imperial Squat Walkers | IC 12
  • Mosey


  • Carolina Dry Docks | IC 10
  • Mosey

Red-Reaper finishes us off with another 40-50 yard dash towards the dock on the lake. At this point we need a 20 count to recover.

On the dock we go to town on the upper body.

  • Dips on the bench | OYO 20
  • Irkins | OYO 10
  • Derkins | OYO 10

Next up the Howling Monkeys. Each PAX does 10 Monkey Humpers while the rest hold fast their ankles.

Slowsey over to the BB courts for some MARY.

  • Flutter Kicks | IC 12
  • Rosalita | IC 12
  • Windshield Wipers | IC 12
  • Nolan Ryan’s | IC 12 switch hands
  • Bobby Hurley’s | OYO 10

Call out PAX for next set

  • LBC’s | IC 15
  • Balls to the Sky | IC 12
  • Planks | each PAX counts to 10 with No-Ski counting twice for total of 50
  • Wind Mills | IC 12
  • Cotton Pickers | IC 12


  • Bartman asked for prayers for Julie who is having some complications with pregnancy. We hope all goes well for her and the baby. She is in our prayers.
  • We keep getting stronger and more motivated. Great job all!
  • YHC thanked the PAX for keeping him motivated and for coming out for the beatdowns.
  • We thanked for DBA having a safe trip back from Niagara Falls, and for No-See-Um and Fresh Price to have the same on their way from vacation, they better post on Tuesday!
  • We asked that we all have a great weekend.
  • We were beat, so we kind of forgot about the big one…Have an amazing Fathers Day Weekend men!

Total distance today was 1.93 miles.

See you on Tuesday.

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