A Cinder Block Hoedown

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YHC has missed the last three workouts at #TheRanch, so wanted to come back with a bang! Truth is I used, with slight modification, the workout I had ready two weeks ago when I had some alarm malfunctions!!

Conditions: 74 degrees with light breeze in the gloom.


  • SSH X20
  • Arm circles X10
  • Plank Jacks X15
  • Mtn Climbers X15

Mosey to Cinder Blocks…

  • Curls x10
  • Shoulder Presses x10
  • Skull Crushers x10
  • Squats x10
  • Overhead Lunges x10
  • Cinder Block (Kettle Bell) Swings x10

Doracides are next.

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 LBCs
  • 300 Monkey Humpers

P1 – exercises P2 – sprint to first cone and 1 burpee/sprint back (1st round)….then second round 1st cone/1 burpee and 2nd/2 burpees…..then third round 1st/1 burp, 2nd/2 burp and 3rd/3 burpees. After that bear crawl to 1st cone and sprint back….then bear crawl to 2nd cone and sprint back, etc. Lastly, just regular suicides…1st cone, 2nd cone & 3rd cone!

Back to Cinder Blocks.

  • Curls x10
  • Shoulder Presses x10
  • Skull Crushers x10
  • Squats x10
  • Overhead Lunges x10
  • Cinder Block (Kettle Bell) Swings x10

Rinse and repeat x5

Time for MARY and the Hurricane Hoedown.

  • Flutter Kick circuit….7 seated with hands raised, 7 with hands behind you, 7 slightly reclined, 7 normal, 7LBC flutter kicks….rinse and repeat all way down to 1!

We managed to go 7, 6, 5, 4………then for 3,2,1 we just combined and did another set of 6. Feel the burn for sure!!!

Not a lot of time for mumble chatter today as we stayed on the move. Great way to get a Tuesday started off right!


  • Prayers for safe travels for those vacationing or going out of town on business.
  • Continued talk about EH’ing anyone we can and especially needing to get guys outside of our hood to bring in fresh meat!


  • No-Ski’s wife did great job getting on to management team at pool to get our flyers posted. Hopefully more men will see up at mailboxes and come check us out.
  • Forgot to mention, but stay tuned for a July month challenge coming up……..can keep track using google sheets or possibly a way No-Ski can set up on our website??
  • Keep working/posting/eh’ing………..they will come!

*Great to be back with the men of F3Lutz and honored to lead the workout this morning!

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