4 PAX posted in the AM. It was a coop Q today between @dba and @dillio. Weather was just right with a nice breeze from time to time. We almost got rained on, but managed to finish up right before it poured. Flag was flying high!

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The Thang…

At BB courts first up is @dba on Q; It’s time for an A to Z workout;

A-ir presses x 12
B-aby Arm Circle x12 and Reverse
C-arolina Dry Ducks x 12
D-ips (Reverse merkins) x 12
E-mpty Wheelbarrow (Crab walk with partner holding feet (BB court from one line to other and back)
F-rankenstine x 12, Freddie mercury (Sit-ups along with Bicycle) x 10

G-roiners (Starting from a merkin position, thrust your feet forwad and backward) x 12


I-mperal Walkers x 12
J-ump to Knees x 12
K-nerkin (merkins with knuckles) x 10
L-BCs x 12
M-osey around the dog park

B.O.M.B.S. 50 Burpees/ 100 Overhead Claps/ 150 Merkins/ 200 Big Boy Sit-ups/ 250 Squats
4 Pax in 4 Corners – did in cumulative count

N-arrow Squats
O-verhead Claps

P-lank jacks x 12, Peoples Air presses (sit on the wall and air presses)
Q-uick Feet 50 counts
R-osalitas x 12
S-SH x 12


U-p-Down x 12


W-ipers x 12

X-(@dillio threw in an exercise in here)

Y-ard Bird x 12 OYO

Z-ebra Butt Kicks x 12 OYO

Still at BB courts, it’s time for @dillio to Q;

  • X’s and O’s on your 6 for about a minute
  • Swimmers for 30 Second Count
  • Side Plank with Leg Lift 10 count each side
  • Walking Lunge with squat length of B-Ball Court
  • Reverse Lunges back
  • Pushup on Weights with row 12 on own
  • Crab Cake 12 count
  • 20 Curls with coupons
  • Mosey
  • Double Crunch 12 count
  • Each PAX does favorite ab pain


  • Prayers for some friends and their family of @no-see-um as they go through some tough times dealing with loss and cancer
  • Prayers for all the 2.0’s that are back in school at this time
  • As usual we ask that all the fartsackers get their sparks back on


  • Way to step up for the official VQ for both PAX @dba and @dillio it only gets easier next time