10 Lunges each leg OYO

10 Inch Worms OYO

10 J-Lo OYO

10 Travoltas OYO


6 rounds as fast as possible:

10 SSH, 10 Merkin, 20 LBC


The thang:

3 min of coupon brigade*, 50 merkins, 50 squats, 3 minutes of coupon brigade, 50 Lunges, 50 Shoulder taps. Coupons used 25# slamball, 40# Sandbag

*Coupon brigade – All men line up, coupons are passed down the line. Once you pass the coupon run to the end of the line. Little confusion at first, but once the PAX realized how fast this was it was a pretty impressive to watch.

Stations (30sec work, 10 sec rest)

Station 1 Half Moons w/ 25# weight plate
Station 2 Thrusters w/ 35# weight plate (squat to shoulder press)
Station 3 Sandbag drags (bearcrawl while dragging sandbag)
Station 4 Sumo Deadlift with 53# Kettlebell
Station 5 Snapshot (shotput the slamball, broadjump to it, repeat)


Partner up. 1 partner performing the exercise while partner 2 is SSH. Eax pax performed each station 3 times before proceeding to the next station.


To the field:

Sprint 50m, plank walk 10m, jog back to start. 4 rounds.

50 flutter kicks IC.


Well not really. There was quite a bit of negative mumble chatter noted by @no-ski. He pointed out that we had 2 minutes left and sprints would be a good punishment. YHC looked at his watch and was in instant agreement. So, cones were placed 20m apart. Men were told to run from cone to cone 12 times. No negative feedback was noted back to the basketball courts.

Great job by all today. I love being out in the gloom giving/getting a beatdown.


Thoughts and prayers for @Notoriousnyc MIL

Thoughts and prayers for everyone spending time with in-laws

Thankful for being able to come together for the holidays