The days are getting warmer and more humidity each week as we approach the Summer, and with that comes the mosquitoes.

No disclaimer needed today with the same group of 6 we had at Tuesday’s beat down. We are trying to incorporate Ruck sacks into beat downs with the Go-Ruck challenge approaching for many PAX.

Warm Up

SSH mIC x 15
Cotton Pickers mIC x 15
Windmill mIC x 12
Shoulder taps mIC x 20

Mosey to traffic circle – Bear Crawl and 5 burpees at each line (always groans with the burpees, but they always get the sweat flowing and blood pumping)
Calf raises x 30 OYO
Plank Jacks x 30 OYO

Indian Run to Sunlake
Mucho Chesto
30 big boy sit ups
Indian Run Back to b-ball courts

Sets of 15 merkins and 15 squats descending; jog from end of courts to mailboxes and back.
Everyone try to do every other set of squats with Ruck sack

Wind sprints – 3 sets down back
Dips – 30

Circle up at b-ball courts
Everyone call out ab exercise to finish without legs touching

Overall, just over 3 Miles

Really great job Endo for pushing himself; he continues to improve every week. DBA also pushing himself hard to get back into the swing of things after being out of country for work.

COT – Continued prayers for PAX experiencing challenging times with friends and family or through our day-to-day lives. Prayers for those that have not made it back out and hope to have more PAX posting soon. A lot of EH opportunities out there and hopefully we will be ready for another VQ soon.

2nd F coming later in May or early June (Paintball).