Fitness. Fellowship. Faith.

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Back Blasts

Date: 12/08/2020

AO: The Ranch

Pax: Dillio, Urkel, Grouper, No-see-um, Belding, Boobie, Khakis, Hitchhiker, Miley, Flat Tire, Big Papi, Anchorman, Waterboy, Vanellope, Smokey

Q: Smokey

0530 hours @ BB Court


Review 3 Fs of F3

  1. Fitness
  2. Fellowship
  3. Faith

**Mosey to roundabout**

Warm up (All IC / 15 – 4ct)


Cherry Pickers

Arm circles (10 each direction)


Hello Dolly

**Mosey to Dock**

“The Thang”

1st F: Fitness (7 minute work out)

*30 secs of exercise & 5 secs to switch


Wall sit squat



Step ups




High knees

Alternating lunges

Merkin rotations

Side plank (L & R)

**Mosey to roundabout**

2nd F: Fellowship (Two 5 minute rounds)

Find a partner who’s name is closest to yours alphabetically

Penalty for mismatch (add 25)

Announce names

Cannot do the same exercise as partner

With partner 100 of each exercise

Flutter kicks (4ct)

MC (4ct)

SSH (4ct)


Sit ups

Switch partners and rinse and repeat

**Mosey to BB court**

3rd F: Faith (5 minutes)

Death by Burpees”

All men were warned, but 15 HIM still braved the 45 degree weather at the Ranch to experience Smokey’s 2nd ever Q. To summarize, it was all good till the “Death by Burpees.” Thank you to all who participated.


Prayers for Cheesehead’s family and their health with the potential Covid-19 exposure.

Reminder that Boobie will be leading a Q at the District tomorrow.


YHC – Smokey